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Diameter 273 mm

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Tremie pipe TRB 273-1M
Price without VAT:255,77
Price with VAT309,48
Tremie pipe TRB 273-2M
Price without VAT:306,72
Price with VAT371,13
Tremie pipe TRB 273-3M
Price without VAT:358,71
Price with VAT434,03
Tremie pipe TRB 273-4M
Price without VAT:415,89
Price with VAT503,23
Tremie pipe TRB 273-5M
Price without VAT:473,07
Price with VAT572,42
Tremie pipe TRB 273-6M
Price without VAT:531,30
Price with VAT642,87
Support fork TRT 273
Price without VAT:287,74
Price with VAT348,17
Hopper  TRK 273
Price without VAT:402,82
Price with VAT487,41
Lifting cup  TRK 273
Price without VAT:115,08
Price with VAT139,24
Tremmie O-ring TRO 273
Price without VAT:3,64
Price with VAT4,40
Tremie Pipe Rack TRS 16
Price without VAT:1 195,72
Price with VAT1 446,82
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